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Why do we love to read mysteries? Why do I love to write them?

August 26, 2013

Tags: reading mysteries, writing mysteries, Sherlock Holmes

I love this quote from a character in The Sherlockian by Graham Moore. He is trying to describe why he loves Holmes and mysteries.

"I think I love the idea that problems have solutions. I think that's the appeal of mystery stories, whether they're Holmes or someone else. In those stories we live in an understandable world. We live in a place where every problem has a solution, and if we were only smart enough, we could figure them out....As opposed to a world that's random. Where violence and death are happenstance-unpreventable and unstoppable.


  1. August 27, 2013 10:42 AM EDT
    I think we love them because in the best ones, the bad guys get it in the end--the mysteries are solved.
    - Marilyn Meredith