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A letter to President Obama on the occasion of his trip to India

November 9, 2010

Tags: India, Obama

This is an abbreviated version of a letter I wrote to President Obama in 2007. I never got a reply.

Dear Mr. President:
Ive been meaning to write to you about my recent trip to India, but Ive been recovering from a case of Delhi belly. Now that Im no longer afraid to be more than 10 feet from the bathroom, Im finally getting around to it.

When I told a friend that my husband and I were going back to India for the second time in three years, she looked at me as though I had a large glob of spinach paneer stuck in my teeth. Our friends think were nuts to travel so far to a place as well known for poverty, crowding, corruption, and abysmal sanitation as it is for beauty, technological expertise, and democracy. India is a place of contrasts -- anything you can say about it, the opposite is also true. (more…)