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Remembering the typewriter: Social media woes

August 7, 2013

Tags: social media, facebook, goodreads, website, self-promotion

I was born when telephones had dials and typewriters had replaceable ribbons that left smudges on my fingertips. Computers and word-processing changed my life. I actually don't think I could be a writer if I had to struggle with carbon copies and white-out. So why is social media driving me nuts? And why is getting email from readers old-fashioned? I like getting emails from readers. Now I have a blog, a FB fan page, a web-site, an Amazon profile, and a page on Goodreads. Five little me's running around in cyber-space, duplicating efforts, and throwing myself in front of search engines and algorhythms - whatever they are. Is it worth the effort? What do you think?