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An open letter to police families

December 3, 2016

Tags: troubled times, war on police, police assassinations

I've been counseling police officers and their families for thirty years, through good times and bad. This letter, adapted from the forthcoming second edition of I Love a Cop and the ideas offered is my way to say thank you to police families everywhere. Feel free to share.

These are troubled times for police officers and their families. There's an almost endless stream of bad press about law enforcement along with the unthinkable assassinations of police in Dallas and Baton Rouge, numerous anti-police protests, lethal mass shootings, and the increased threat of terrorism. Dash cams, body cameras and cell phone cameras have charged the atmosphere and changed the way officers work. In light of all that is happening, the job looks more dangerous and appears more brutal than ever. You are not helpless. Here are some things you can do. (more…)