I give seminars and workshops all over the world. I've traveled to four different countries and twenty-two states. I hold workshops for first responders and their families and for the clinicians, chaplains, and peer supporters who work with them. And now that I write mysteries I'm helping cops and fire fighters put their experiences into words and writers to get it right.

Dr. Joel Fay (www.joelfay.com) and I have a new day long workshop. We call if Behind the Badge: Strengthening Your Law Enforcement Family. Our aim is to provide a program that looks at the concerns, responsibilities and ideas for change that both spouses and officers can use. We use some quick interactive tools that couples start at the program and finish together when they get home. We’re not doing therapy, obviously, but we do want to provide the basis for further couple discussion. Our presentation is fast-paced, laced with videos, some funny, some serious, to illustrate the points we’re making. We use a lot of humor and aim for a positive, strength-based approach, instead of the pathological approach that is too dreary for words and doesn’t sell well with cops or their families. (Can’t blame them).

What audiences and workshop participants are saying
"...About your talk today, I got all this wonderful credit because you were so charming. Thank you. You will be a hard act to follow." Audrey Guerin, Coordinator of Lunch & Learn.

"Ellen is one of the most engaging speakers I've ever listened too, and I can't wait to read her books." A lunch and learn participant.

"You were wonderful. Just what the doctor ordered for our brave community outreach team who need to keep their work in a larger perspective, and need to be able to laugh with informed others." Jim Bronson, Director, Community Outreach and Education, Kara (Grief Support for People and Organizations).

"Thank you so much for being a guest on my show, Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!...You were amazing and offered such insights to our listeners regarding the lives of cops and firefighters. Thanks for the work you do to help the families thrive." Host, Cynthia Brian.

"People are still talking about that evening [Family event following the deaths of five officers in one month]. You did an excellent job--hit the right topics, addressed pertinent issues, gave specific and practical suggestions, etc. Thanks again."

"....Following the shooting of the 4 Tacoma officers, the Seattle Police Department offered a seminar for the spouses &significant others with you as the keynote speaker. [My son and his girlfriend] attended the seminar and LOVED hearing you speak..." .

"Seeing how research data can be brought to life for an audience that is usually uninterested in research. Dr. Kirschman is a wizard at using the language of Law Enforcement and the examples from LE life to illustrate concepts she wants to get across." Staff member, Dept. of Corrections.

"Just to tell you again how much I enjoyed your presentation. The presentation, itself, is so valuable, and, as a presenter, you are so very engaging!" Police Chaplain.

"Your evaluations from students were exceptional! Without a doubt, your class was the most successful. Thank you very much." Coordinator, Crisis Intervention Training, Santa Clara County, California.

"Thanks again for your wonderful presentation at the suicide conference. I enjoyed it, particularly watching how you interact with the sworn. I could easily see how you have been successful in the field of providing services for law enforcement."

"I have worked with Ellen and could not recommend anyone better. She speaks with tremendous insight, knowledge and good humor....her credibility is without question." Andy O'Hara, Executive Director Badge of Life, Retired Sgt. California Highway Patrol.

" I have received a lot of positive comments from our folks on their evaluation form.... You came up as one of their favorite speakers.... folks enjoyed your exercise and some have stated that it helped to open better communications with their spouses. I wanted you to know that you did have an impact on folks." National Fire Service, San Diego

"You have tremendous credibility and a grasp of the subject that really comes through..."Chief Susan Manheimer, San Mateo Police Dept.

"Dr. Ellen Kirschman is an eloquent and effective speaker...her seminar on well-being and resilience....was stimulating, refreshing and enlightening. Her concept of self-care... was incorporated as an essential element in [our] "Caring Workforce " campaign. Psychological Services Group, Hong Kong Police Force.

"Thank you for a week filled with information...It was an honor being in the presence of such rich experience and passion for law enforcement...."

"Dr. Kirschman presented a solid afternoon of tangible information... Her expertise and passion...brought about understanding and hope...Her time here was valuable and appreciated by all...." Founder-Bridges of Hope for Families, Inc.

"... really interesting, informative, and enjoyable. You are really a terrific speaker, so relaxed and personal while imparting such important information... I learned a lot I hadn’t realized I didn’t know!"

"She knows our culture and what it does to us, and she knows the solutions for a fix.

"She was dynamite! Her enthusiasm, clarity and use of examples were very helpful."

"Easy to listen to and talk to. Great sense of humor."

"Lively and animated.... straight forward and doesn't beat around the bush."