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"Highly satisfying....Kirschman...perceptively treats complex racial, feminist, person and political issues while providing intimate knowledge of cops' shop procedure...neatly balances Dot's psychological expertise with her warmhearted humanity...." Publishers Weekly.

"A well-written story that kept me interested from start to finish, The Right Wrong Thing deals with a number of enormously important issues in modern society: sexism, racism, police brutality and post-traumatic stress disorder. But don’t let that deter you; this is still an extremely heartfelt novel….Kirschman cleverly draws you into each character’s world, makes you feel sympathy or anger or disdain and then completely turns the world on its head so what you knew to be up, is now down, what you were sure was right, is now wrong." Rocco & Roux.

"Kirschman has proven yet again to be a brilliant author whose deadpan comedic delivery brightens the pages and her visionary detail paints a picture like you are right there.... I was engrossed by every word, at the edge of my seat for each chapter ahead, and impatiently awaited the big solution to the who-dun-it." esotericfox.

"Ellen Kirschman qualified as a police psychologist and worked for more than 30 years in the field. In this time she encountered a number of weird and interesting cases. This behind-the-scene experience reflects in the way she writes her novels. The story rollercoasters with a rookie cop accidentally shooting a civilian and she wants to make amends. The way the psychologist deals with the rookie cop's PTSD is inspirational and the book really captured my attention from the start." Net Galley reviewer.

"This story couldn’t be any more timely. It looks behind the headlines, into the lives of those involved in these tragedies and the events that might lead up to them." Net Galley reviewer.

"I read this book within 2 days! It's just so amazingly written. The author has a beautiful way to share a variety of emotions with the reader. Being a therapist myself, I really found the approach interesting. I highly recommend this book!" Net Galley reviewer.

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